Balls to the wall, Warp speed and all that.


Photo by Morgan Sessions on Unsplash

I live my life as a busy little girl. I like DOING, GOING, running like I dare say, a chicken with its head cut off, (and I have seen this first hand and can lament), going at this speed actually keeps me happy.  I am truly not happy only doing one thing at a time. If I sit too long like I did at the farm inspection that I endured last week, I literally can fall asleep.  I am not good sitting, but I am an energizer bunny all day long while on my two feet.   I am a WOMAN and I would bet most women agree, we multitask all day long.  It is simply in our nature and we find it really annoying that many others do not. I mean we get a lot of sh#$ done.

At the moment, I am caring for my two hospice chickens which surprise me every day. What I thought would be a week or two experience for Emma before she entered the great henhouse in the sky became a totally different experience. Whatever illness or malady she had, she is fully recovered and tried to re-enter gen pop but the other girls in their hierarchy said NO WAY and pecked the living daylights out of her so I brought her back to the hospice condo.  She was bullied and told “you are now a reject and must reside with Ellie by the house.”  So, she continues to try and challenge the current regime and moves between both political sides leaving her lame sister Ellie wondering where she is sometimes.  It is a really interesting scenario.  This morning no one was home for corn, yogurt and scraps.  I have no idea what they are doing honestly and that is fine.


Photo by Simon Weisser on Unsplash

In the music part of our life Mitch has really, REALLY gotten into the whole rock in roll ideal.  Since Covid and all his lessons online and hundreds of hours of practice, he has REALLY, REALLY gotten to be an amazing lead guitarist and his talent is inspiring as well as entertaining.  Our band has made countless changes in lineup in the last twelve months and our newest incarnation promises to be the best yet, so stay tuned… I believe we are forming a new band with another existing band and as one great musician has made famous… “the best is yet to come”……hint.. casinos pay big bucks. this could be fun.

Thirdly, I am opening my first restaurant (pictures coming soon) in less than a month and things are crazy.  I am running from day till night to get everything I think I should be doing and learning there are a hundred more things not on my radar that I should be doing.  Oh my GOODNESS.  At some point I will blog about This place has been an absolute blessing to us.  With the items I have won auctions to for the restaurant and the musical equipment Mitch has won at really good prices, we are truly filling our needed holes with amazing merchandise at great costs.  YES, most everything has needed repaired and thank goodness Mitch is super handy, but this site has been a lifesaver!

With the tasks of all the new insurances, therapy calls which are supposed to be consulting calls with the SBDC of Duquesne University for funding ideas, business licenses, the buying of new and as much used equipment that I can find, the learning about all the vendors who I can buy ingredients from, the idea of finding help in this environment when no one seems to want to work, I am literally having a nervous breakdown.  Then last night, something new happened.

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

As much as I am ashamed to mention this, I will admit that a couple days a week when I absolutely NEED to sleep, I kick our dying cat Butterscotch outside with his two brothers, Blue Kitty (Peanut) and Bobo- Beauregard.  Those other two are usually outside but Scotch likes to howl all night and drives me BANANAS.  We have a condo and water outside and Bubba sleeps on the porch so he can MEOW at HIGH decibels outside ALL NIGHT LONG and it bothers none of them, but mama can get her sleep.

Last night was one of those nights, but at 4:48 (I know this because I am a light sleeper and always look) Bubba barked and wanted inside.  So, since we all know from blogs of the past, Mitch is hearing impaired, I got out of bed and let Bubba in.   I came back to bed.  A minute later, Blu kitty who was inside wanted out so I left the bed again to let him out and this time Bandit, our full-time dog, and I will explain this sometime, got up THIS time and instead of stepping over him as he slept, he tripped me and I fell into the door of my closet and whacked the heck out of my head. He freaked, I freaked, I let Peanut out and then went into the bathroom and was sure I was going to throw up.  I lay on the bathroom floor and tried to collect myself.  What was going through my mind was Bob Saget, Natasha Richardson, Sonny Bono, the catering I had to do today, my restaurant and then the rest of my  life. Notice the order of that thinking. Look where my priorities are…. Ugh……

After I did my yoga breathing and the urge to vomit went away, I decided to go back up to bed and continue trying to calm myself upstairs by putting on a podcast that I could listen to. I didn’t want to sleep.  Then I gingerly felt my head where the impact happened and I felt wetness.  In the dark, I brought it up to my nose and smelled the warm blood.  That was it.  I freaked again and was sure I was going to hurl right there in my bed and die.

I was ashamed to do it but I woke up Mitch and told him, I knocked the hell out of my head and if I die tonight, know I love you.  He heard me but was in quasi sleep-mode and quickly went back to dreamland.  Despite my desires, I did fall back asleep and ended up having the most horrid two hours of nightmares about this conceived brain injury and my impending entire failure of the restaurant. This included Mitch leaving me because I was a vegetable mentally and my attempt to cheat on a final that I had not been to class all semester……. I woke up at 7:15 a complete basket case but GRATEFUL to be alive and carried on with my day.   I did feel better as the day wore on but the first hour was ROUGH.

What to learn from this whole thing?  Life changes on a dime, change is constant, you must rely upon yourself mostly to solve issues and when you have help, gratefully accept it.  Life is a wild journey.  Who knows what the next minute brings, but buckle up and be ready.  Whew. I am hoping for a good, peaceful and injury free night.  I NEED IT.