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My name is Marsha Cassel and I live in Southwest PA. I was born here, went to college at the University of Pittsburgh and now have an 18 acre farm in Avella PA. I have spent my whole life living in and around the area. From Beaver County to Allegheny and now Washington, I pretty much know this whole area and love to call Pennsylvania my home!!! You just can’t beat 4 different seasons though oftentimes, it seems we can experience all of them in one single day.

I have a passion for growing organic produce, raising free roam chickens and honey bees, creating foods and confections for loved ones and decorating my home and cabin with items I find on the side of the road (no kidding), and by crafting, recycling or repurposing stuff!!! There is rarely a dull moment in my life which is just how I like it!!!



My husband Mitch and I are in the midst of a homesteading experiment which started two years ago.  Every day is a new adventure.

We attend the school of life where there are continuous learning opportunities! Whether it be about the fact that our chickens lay less eggs in the winter, that the bees benefit from eating mushroom mycelium or learning we can grow great veggies in straw bales…..every day brings a new light bulb moment!!!

The purpose of this site is to share what I have learned about living a decently clean and natural life, spread the word about my culinary business and perhaps provide some entertaining and useful ideas. While I would love to have a site like that amazing Gwyneth Paltrow with her Goop enterprises, I will be happy just creating a nice following of like-minded men and women who are seeking to be the best selves they CAN be and who want to make the world we all share a bit brighter and better!

I hope you will like us on Facebook and Instagram and join in our culinary and farming adventures. I would love to connect with YOU!!! So, stick around, explore my pages here and if you feel like it, connect with me.



Happy Clients

Marsha puts a lot of thought and individualization into every meal she prepares. She cares deeply about her guests and wants them to experience ‘food is love.’ Her restaurant-quality meals never disappoint!”

- Sean Boehm

Marsha creates scrumptious, nutritious meals that are pleasing to the most discerning of palates and the pickiest of eaters, mainly my two children!

Her tasty recipes all begin with her fresh farm to table philosophy. She seduces her guests with beautiful and creative courses that are all lovingly prepared with her own farm grown produce and homemade treats.

We have delighted in her creative menus which range anywhere from classic comfort food to the latest food trends and she customizes her service to meet the food requests of my family.

Cooking is indeed her passion and she has given my family a way to effortlessly gather at the dinner table and enjoy some of life’s happy occasions.

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