Marsha will cook for you:

You can hire me as your personal chef to cook and serve you and your loved ones for a special occasion or just to be served a “world class meal” in your home. 

Additionally, if you or a loved one are having some difficulty and can’t cook, I can prepare every day meals to reheat when needed.

When you hire me to cook for you in your home, we will meet in your home so I can see your kitchen and make sure I have everything I need to make your meal perfect. We will talk in great detail about what you are seeking for this special meal. Any allergies, sensitivities etc will be noted! We will set the menu and talk about the places I will shop to secure the raw ingredients that we need. In growing season, I will bring any produce that I can from my own farm.

On the BIG day, I will bring all grocery items and ingredients with me as well as additional kitchen equipment if necessary and set to work. I will leave your kitchen exactly as I found it and perhaps even a bit more sparkling.



Marsha will teach you:

Are you interested in really learning how to cook from scratch? Maybe you are a newlywed and would like to expand your culinary skills or perhaps are interested in learning how to cook some new dishes.

Do you have a family recipe that has been in your family for generations that you would like to recreate from memory or maybe you have a treasured handed down recipe that you would like a little assistance preparing.

Would you like to learn how to make your favorite entrées from a restaurant at home?

Contact me and let’s get to culinary exploration together!


Marsha will show you how food can heal you:

Food can be such an emotional thing for us humans. In times of stress we run to our “go to” meals that bring us some comfort. Perhaps we even over indulge in those.

After losing a family member or going through a divorce, maybe it could heal your soul to be able to make your favorite meals that those people prepared for you.

I can cook you a recipe your family, friend or significant other used to make for you and help you get situated meal wise. Food is so important nutritionally as well as that emotional connection. Whether you seek a favorite comfort food or perhaps want some advice on setting up a NEW way of eating which may be healthier, I can help.

Marsha will host a regular or medicinal cooking class for you and your friends:

Would you like to invite a bunch of your friends over and all learn how to make some fun things to take your entertaining to the next level? We can plan an entire cooking event at your house for all your friends and let everyone leave armed with some great vittles as well as new impressive cooking knowledge.

I have been doing medicinal cooking classes for the community.  If you have a space with a nice commercial kitchen, I offer medicinal cooking lessons.  Think of your church or a college of even a restaurant that is closed like on a Monday!  


Let’s Create Memorable Meals Together!

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