Community Involvement

Be a helper!  It is so rewarding. 

I believe giving to others is important. If you can make some time for a charitable cause, donate money or give back in some manner for all that you have, it is a good thing. I think it is a good practice to do good as often as you see an opportunity.

I was a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh for a few years.   It is a TERRIFIC organization with many ways people can become involved and donate their time. Being a BIG is a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a child and the match hopefully lasts until the child graduates from school or becomes a legal adult. Kids in the program definitely benefit in so many ways.  For instance, they achieve better grades, higher self-esteem, acquire better socialization skills and coping mechanisms and are less likely to use tobacco products, drugs and alcohol. Being a positive role model can really set a child onto a better path than perhaps they are headed and it truly benefits the Littles AND the Bigs! Often matches stay friends and involved in each other’s lives for decades after the match is closed which is wonderful.

I have participated in activities with the Washington Salvation Army, and I saw as one of the MANY services they offer, youth cooking classes. Well, you can imagine that is right up my alley so from time to time, I have and will continue to teach middle school kids some cool recipes and give them some insights on nutrition.

I also have rung the bell at Christmastime which is when they do a MASSIVE push for fundraising. They do SO many different activities for families that this is indeed a very worthy charity, and I am thrilled to help support them.

I am grateful to have served on the Washington County Advisory Board for Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) which has allowed me the opportunity to help plan and execute many annual fundraisers. I was honored to be awarded as the 2018 Board member of the Year.

I serve on the board of my synagogue, Beth Israel in Washington and enjoy the sense of fellowship and community I get from our small yet mighty Jewish community. 

I am on the West Middletown non-profit and we have lots of ideas to put into action for our bicentennial during 2023.  


Shots from the Salvation Army Cooking Class

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